Sunday, December 2, 2012

Over The Hill Cake

I have to say that I am not a huge fan of black over the hill cakes, that act like you are dying because you are turning 40. And hope I never get one. So when my client came to me needing an over the hill cake, I suggested we do something cute instead.

 She agreed, and that's what we went with. I decided that if I was turning 40 this is the kind of cake I would rather have. I wanted to show her sitting on top of the hill, looking happy and proud to be 40.
 I wanted it to be the opposite of black, with lots of happy and colorful flowers. I love the way these flowers turned out. Mostly I just love that it is colorful.

 I was a little worried about the little figure, in that I have never seen Shauna, and have no idea what she looks like. And I was told she has strawberry hair, a little tricky. (It's definitely easier to do blonde, or red, but in between? hmmm tricky.) Well they seemed to love it so hopefully it wasn't too far off. Although how realistic can you get when it's fondant anyway?
 Well I have to say I feel like this was a much more cheerful and fun over the hill cake than I have seen. I hope she enjoyed it.

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