Saturday, November 24, 2012

Missionary Homecoming Cake

One of my first cakes I ever made was for my client Andy, who was leaving on a mission. So it was only fitting that I made a cake for him when he came home. 
 His mom called me in the middle of an already busy cake week, but I couldn't refuse.
 This little missionary is sitting on the England flag. A chocolate cake with Chocolate Buttercream, covered in MMF.
 I was glad to be a part of his home coming, hopefully this made him feel extra happy to come home to.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Harry Potter Cake

When I got the call to make this Harry potter cake I was excited. There are so many things you can do with Harry Potter.
 The cake itself was the book, which was chocolate cake, with peanut butter butter cream and mmf.
 Everything on this cake was edible. The snitch is straight MMF, as well as the scarf and glasses.
 The Sorting hat was my fav part of the whole cake. It was made out of rice crispy treats, and modeling chocolate, hand painted to look more old.
 The wand was also modeling chocolate.
 I originally was going to put the hat, on the book, but then ended up making it a little too big, but I think the hat needed to be bigger, so I'm happy with it. And I think Ethan was happy with it as well.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Frankenstein Cake

I had to post this before it got too far away from Halloween. This little dude was for a family Halloween party.

 My sister the photographer said I need to start taking some of my pictures on an angle. This may be not  exactly what she would do, but I do think it makes the picture look different and gives you a fun pic.

 I used my new favorite recipe that I made up, my Lemon cake, with  fresh raspberry buttercream. I have to say I knew I was going to be eating this cake and so the frosting may have been a little thick, which made the fondant a little wrinkly, but just ignore that, Frankenstein is supposed to have weird skin right?

Well, other then the few obvious issues I think it turned out fun. Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

BlackWidow Spider Cake

I thought I better skip ahead and post this one before it gets too far from Halloween. Although it technically was for my 8 year old nephew's Baptism party. Not your traditional baptism cake, I'm sure. But apparently he always has to have a spider cake of some sort. (And it was the weekend before Halloween.)
This is my second spider cake I have done, but this one is quite different. Now, my nephew is super smart and apparently very picky about the correctness of things. He said it had to have 8 legs and 8 eyes. But he did say he would look the other way on the red part of the spider being on the back, (it should be on it's tummy.) But if it was on the tummy you obviously wouldn't be able to see it.
I wanted it to look a bit scary so I gave him pretty big pincers. Also I love the look of the spider web underneath him. It most likely made it a bigger pain to get home, but I think it made it more dramatic. And I love the legs, I made them using Pocky, and "glued" them together with chocolate.

The eyes, I did two different ways till I knew what he wanted, so in the first picture I left them blank. 
And then in the last picture they have pupils.
I definitely like it with the pupils better.
This cake was chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling, and covering the head,  along with mmf. And the fuzzy back was vanilla almond buttercream. With pocky, and chocolate legs.