Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beach Cake

I have done a cake similar to this, it had the beach scene, but a big beach ball on top. I did like that cake, and I had to stick with the theme of the party. So I thought 
I would revisit this cake, but change a few things.
 I had the crabs and the life preservers on the last one. But if you have a beach scene, you've got to have a beach towel. I added some surf boards, and some palm trees. My little Reese said, "mom I think you need a little umbrella." So on one went, I have to say I usually don't like inedible things on my cakes, but I think it looked cute.
 I love those little crabs.
 I thought for awhile about how to make the palm trees. I used Pocky, which if you read my spider cake post, (from last October,) it explains that is a a Japanese cookie stick covered in chocolate. It worked great.
Now four down, two more to go!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beach Ball Cake

I know there's not a lot to this cake. But it's still a cute little cake. I believe this one was my super yummy white cake, with orange creamcicle frosting.
 Now I have done a beach ball before, but it was rice crispy. This time of course, it's all cake. I have to say, cake is a lot easier to cover smoothly than rice crispy. So this one turned out to be a lot less problematic than my last beach ball.
Fun, cute, and yummy. That's my kind of beach toy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

SandCastle Cake

Here's the next cake, in the set of six I made for the "fish party." I really liked the way it turned out.

 The cake is my yummy chocolate cake marbled with white cake. I covered it in Orange Creamcicle frosting, then patted graham cracker crumb all over it. The little tower is a sugar cone covered in fondant and rolled in crumbs as well.
 I personally got to eat this one, and was pleasantly surprised at how yummy it was. And I think it turned out real cute.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fish Cake

Sorry if you've missed me. I'm hoping there are enough people that check this blog, to miss me. Our laptop had a mishap. But my husband has gotten it all fixed so I'm back in business. I haven't been slacking off, in fact the oposite. This is one of six cakes I made in one day, last week.
 Now I know you might be thinking, "have I seen this cake before?" Well, kind of. I did a very similar cake about a year ago. He was a little orange fish, with turquoise lips and fins. So why make another one, you ask? Well for one, I thought it was cute. For two, the theme was fish, and if you're making six fish themed cakes you need a big fish.
 So the changes I made in this cake were the scales, and color mostly. The other cake did not have scales, and I thought this added something different, and was cute. This was a super yummy, moist, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cake, with a whipped chocolate ganache filling and frosting, covered in, of course, marshmallow fondant.