Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fish Cake

Sorry if you've missed me. I'm hoping there are enough people that check this blog, to miss me. Our laptop had a mishap. But my husband has gotten it all fixed so I'm back in business. I haven't been slacking off, in fact the oposite. This is one of six cakes I made in one day, last week.
 Now I know you might be thinking, "have I seen this cake before?" Well, kind of. I did a very similar cake about a year ago. He was a little orange fish, with turquoise lips and fins. So why make another one, you ask? Well for one, I thought it was cute. For two, the theme was fish, and if you're making six fish themed cakes you need a big fish.
 So the changes I made in this cake were the scales, and color mostly. The other cake did not have scales, and I thought this added something different, and was cute. This was a super yummy, moist, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cake, with a whipped chocolate ganache filling and frosting, covered in, of course, marshmallow fondant.

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Leah Aston said...

These fish themed cakes that you did are absolutely amazing. I love each one. I love the expressions on the fish, the sand castle and bucket are super cute and unique. I love the beach scene one, especially the little crabs. Oh and the beach ball looks tricky! They're all so so cute!