Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beach Cake

I have done a cake similar to this, it had the beach scene, but a big beach ball on top. I did like that cake, and I had to stick with the theme of the party. So I thought 
I would revisit this cake, but change a few things.
 I had the crabs and the life preservers on the last one. But if you have a beach scene, you've got to have a beach towel. I added some surf boards, and some palm trees. My little Reese said, "mom I think you need a little umbrella." So on one went, I have to say I usually don't like inedible things on my cakes, but I think it looked cute.
 I love those little crabs.
 I thought for awhile about how to make the palm trees. I used Pocky, which if you read my spider cake post, (from last October,) it explains that is a a Japanese cookie stick covered in chocolate. It worked great.
Now four down, two more to go!

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