Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey cupcakes.

I whipped these out quick for my daughter's pre-school treat. (Note to self, when in a hurry just buy cookies.) I actually had to put the turkey heads in the freezer to harden them up enough, because I was making them so last minute.
If you want to make these, they are super easy. I used the petal tips, 104, 103, and 102. For the Red I used the larger petal tip, then for orange the medium size, and for yellow the smallest. Then I just poked in my little turkey heads,(mmf), (put these on a toothpick for a little added support.) Add the eyes using a small circle tip, a little red gobbler, and a beak. (I used the leaf tip, and pulled it out a bit).
For the frosting I used orange cream-sickle buttercream, which is quickly becoming my fav flavor. Happy turkey days!

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