Friday, November 4, 2011

Super Cute Halloween Spider

Ok, I love this spider. (Although I have to say, that it was purple and black, and my camera made the purple look blue, just bear with me on that.) I debated all day whether I should put Happy Halloween on the cake board, but finally decided to go without. I just didn't want anything to detract from this cute little guy.
Don't you love the legs, I found out a secrect, that of course I will share. It's called Pocky. What the heck is Pocky? You ask, well, I'll tell you. It is a Japanese stick cookie that is covered in chocolate. (you can get them in different colors as well, like orange, pink, and white, I think.)

My thought is anyone can stick licorice out of a cake and call it spider legs, but this is much cuter, and looks harder. Which in all actuality was not much harder.

Here's what you do:
Cut the extra cookie part off your pocky sticks. Make sure you cut them at an angle. Then melt some chocolate. Use the chocolate to "glue" your two sticks together. Lay them on wax paper. (I put mine in the fridge to help them set faster.) Then wa la! You've got some awesome spider legs. Of course be very careful with them, as you pick them up and put them into your cake.

I was excited about finding these, it gives me all kinds of ideas, I already want to use them as arms for a snowman.

p.s. Pocky can be found at Japanese stores, (I don't have any around me that I know.) I called around to all my local stores, and actually found them at Walmart. And, bonus, they were only $1 for a box. Also the box doesn't tell you how many come in a box. But in my box, there were 21 sticks, just so you know how much to buy.
Happy Halloween everyone.

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