Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GraveYard Cake

Now you can see how it all comes together. The idea for this cake started when, my 4 yr old daughter and I were watching a food network, Halloween themed cake Challenge. She turned to me and said "mom, their cakes are way better than yours, huh?" I admitted that they were, and she decided to sketch me out a cake that would be just as great, and that she would "help me."
So I made all the figures, with toothpicks, so she could poke them in for me. Although it was a bit hard giving the power of the cake over to a 4 year old, especially when you've already spent a bit of time on it. She reminded me, (when I tried to change a few things,) "Mom, this is my cake, and I make the decisions."
There she is, finishing the cake, without my help.
I have loved getting into the hand painting aspect of things lately, I feel like it brings out more details. I was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it was full of wonderful rock walls, so I had to add one last minute, but I think it made a lot of difference.
This is a home made yummy chocolate cake, with vanilla buttercream, modeling chocolate tree, and marshmallow fondant figures.
Happy Halloween!

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