Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yummy cupcakes

 Ok, so I know that there is nothing super cool, visually about these cupcakes. But they were so yummy and sometimes isn't that all that matters? I was going on a family vacation to Bear Lake, and needed a treat to bring. Lately my sister has told me that she loves cupcakes, so I wanted to make something for her. I used my already super moist, super chocolatey cake recipe. But I wanted to try something I hadn't tried before, filling.

I have never put a filling in a cupcake before and had been wanting to try it. I was wondering if it would be too much, with the frosting on top as well. But, oh man, it was not too much at all. Instead of traditional frosting on top, I made a batch of Chocolate Ganache, and whipped it, with just a little bit of powdered sugar, to make it the consistency I wanted.  The filling was vanilla/almond buttercream. It was perfect because I feel like it broke up, what could have been a chocolate overload.
My husband had my camera, so forgive me that these photos are from my phone. On top of these cupcakes I just used a few edible gold stars, to keep it pretty, and simple. mmmmm, my mouth is watering right now just thinking about these. My sister loved them so much, she wouldn't let any of the kids eat them!

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Leah Aston said...

Oh my gosh, these cupcakes were so divine! I wish I could eat another one right now!