Saturday, October 20, 2012

Union Pacific Cake

This fall I had a really great opportunity to make a cake for the Union Pacific's 150 year anniversary. This celebration takes place all summer and fall long, in different places all over the country. The only celebration for Utah was at the Union Station in Ogden.

To celebrate, they had a dinner for all the important train people, they brought in the last train engine ever made, and had different things going on the whole day.This cake, and the cupcakes were for the dinner.

This is the biggest order I have had. And I felt it was a big honor that they asked me, and I was able to make such an important cake. The lady in charge thought it would be nice to a cake, and cupcakes as well.
 The cupcakes were, my super yummy carrot cake with vanilla almond cream cheese frosting, a pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake with vanilla filling and whipped chocolate ganache, and last a white  cupcake with orange creamcicle frosting.
 The cupcake toppers were, a railroad crossing sign, and 150, to honor the 150 year anniversary, railroad tracks, and chocolate trains.
 All together I made 75 cupcakes.The main cake itself was also quite big. It was big enough to serve about 50 people.

 The main cake was, as you can see, the Union Pacific shield. It was my yummy chocolate cake with a vanilla almond buttercream.
 All in all it was a long day, plus getting the cupcake toppers done earlier in the week. But it was all worth it. I think they also really enjoyed it which is all that matters. It was definitely fun to be a part of something so big. I was grateful for the opportunity.

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