Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chevron cake, with Ruffle flower

 This cake was made for my mom. Whenever I get to do a cake that isn't "themey" I jump at the chance. I always have ideas in my head I want to try. And for this one I had a ton of purple fondant left over from a wedding cake, so purple it was.

I hadn't ever done Chevrons before and had been wanting to try them. And as for the top, it was just something in my head that I wanted to see how it turned out. For the most part I liked it, although if I do it again I may tweak it a little to look a little more "flowerlike."
 This cake turned out extra yummy, I used my fav chocolate cake recipe. And filled and covered it in my peanut butter buttercream. The combination is super yummy, the peanut butter buttercream is really good, it's a light peanut butter taste, yummy and creamy and perfect with the chocolate.
I think I need a bit more chevron practice, but that's the fun right? Happy Birthday Mom!

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