Sunday, September 23, 2012

Koala cupcakes

My sister lives in Australia, (home of the cute and furry koala bear.) She was here visiting this summer. But, then of course she had to go back down under. When she was heading home, we had a little farewell party. So I whipped up these little cuties.
 These little dudes were just the fondant toppers to a moist white cupcake, filled with strawberry filling, and then topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting.
 Doesn't she look happy to go home, now that she has a cute koala cupcake?  She is the one on the right, that's me in the black. Doesn't everyone need a sweet treat when leaving? It makes the farewell sweeter :) G'day mate!

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Leah Aston said...

It did make it a sweeter farewell! I ate an extra cupcake that morning before going on the plane. Seriously these were so cute, and I was so excited to get one of your themed creations for me! :) You're the best!