Friday, August 31, 2012

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake

Well, it's official, I have finally made and delivered a wedding cake. And it made it there completely successfully too. I have done a couple of cakes that were almost as big, but not quite. Originally the bride had a pretty funky vision in her mind with this cake. She had wanted to swirl black through the purple and blue layers, and put all black accents.
But then she found some statues that were a creamy white color that she wanted to incorporate, so we changed our design. I have to say I was nervous about giving wedding guests, cake with black on it to eat. Because you can end up with a yucky looking black mouth. So I thought the creamy white was a safer option for sure. I was hoping that she would still love it when she saw that the colors were not so dramatic. But I think she did.
She was really into the crooked shapes of the cake. I have to say it was my first time doing a topsy turvy cake, and it turned out great. Each layer consisted of 3 cakes instead of 2, so it made it a bit harder to cover in fondant. Each layer has two colors swirled together.
When I delivered the cake, the bride had forgotten her statues, so I had to whip something up to put on top to take it's place. And she was going to end up putting her statues on the table if they made it in time. Luckily I had my stuff with me, just in case.
The two bottom tiers were chocolate cake, and the top tier was white. All were frosted in almond vanilla buttercream and covered in mmf.
Congrats to the happy couple!


Lynette said...

You did a terrific job! The pictures don't do it justice. It looked beautiful and totally fit her personality. :) :) And it tasted good, too!

Leah Aston said...

I love the topsy-turvey cakes, thought that seems so hard to do. It's way cute and funky and unique! Good job, wedding cakes would be so stressful!