Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Muppets Cake

Hi Ho! Everyone. We've got a Muppet theme this week. I have to say, I feel like I slept, ate, and breathed muppets for a straight week. 
 I watched the new movie a couple times, as well as looking at lots of Muppet's pictures and scenes. This cake was for one of my clients, for her son Brayden, who is turning 3, and is apparently way into the Muppets. So hopefully for him I captured the Muppets ok.
 I decided of course to top the cake with the most important Muppets, which means of course Kermit, and Miss Piggy.
 I debated about making my Muppets out of modeling chocolate or fondant. I decided to go with fondant. Which means I had to spend all week ahead of time, making them in pieces. and putting them together as they dried a little. So this was basically my whole week last week. I wanted to add a few "Movie" themed pieces as well, to pay homage to their latest movie, which I think is the one that Brayden likes the most.
 Fozzie Bear.
 Animal of course, I was nervous about him, but I like the way he turned out,
 If you're unfamiliar with Muppets, the logo usually has a big green M, so I used that and changed it into his name.
 Are you saying "Who the heck is that?" Well his name is Walter. He's in the newest Muppet movie. He is apparently a regular person, who always loved the Muppets, and is responsible for bringing them back together, and in the end, gets invited into the Muppet ranks, so to say.
 She didn't list these two, on the list of Muppets that Brayden is into.
 But can you really do a Muppet cake without Beaker, or Professor Honeydew?                                         
  Definitely not! I think Beaker is one of my favs for sure.

Of course, the Great Gonzo! In the movie, he tears his suit off, to reveal this amazing hot pink outfit. (A scene me and my 5 year old watched a few times. I hope I captured it.
 Sam Eagle, who I feel is just one of those you have to put on.
 And the Chef, of course. Brayden probably doesn't care about them as much. But to someone growing up watching the Muppets. You've got to get these old school characters in there as well.
Here's the side view of the cake, I spent so long on this cake, I just wanted to get plenty of pics of it.
 And one last look, on my weeks work. It was fun to work on, and I'm happy with the way it turned out.

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Leah Aston said...

I just barely watched the movie myself so it's fun to see all the characters. You did a great job, I'm so impressed with them all!!!