Saturday, March 31, 2012

Minnie Mouse Cake, and Cupcakes

This one was for my sweet girl who turned 5 last week. We originally were going to do a splash mountain cake. (She wanted something Disneyland themed.) But when she saw the ombre ruffle cake that I did a few weeks ago, she wanted that. (Of course anything pink, ruffled, and girlie, she is going to want more than a mountain.)
So I tried to figure out how we incorporate pink ruffles into a Disneyland themed cake. And it hit me, minnie mouse. One downside to the top cake is, that is, if you eat black fondant, it makes your mouth completely black for awhile, so I try to avoid black. But you can't really do that with minnie mouse. One thing that I was excited about, was I tried a few different things with my recipes, and It turned out so good.
She had two parties, and also had to take a treat to preschool, so instead of making three cakes, the kids got cupcakes. I wanted to do something just cute and simple. And I think they were.

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Leah Aston said...

Ok now I swear I've already seen these, but am trying to catch up on your blog. These were way cute and I have to say the cupcakes are my favorite, they're just so cute and dainty!