Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scavenger Map Cake:

Well I got the call on Thursday night needing this cake for Saturday morning. Luckily, nothing needed to have too much time to set up, so we were ok. Apparently the birthday boy loves to make maps, and have scavenger hunts.
She was worried about it looking "piratey". And all the pictures she had seen of treasure map cakes, were definitely piratey. But I think I was able to take it away from a pirate theme. I was nervous about the map. I feel like when I'm drawing things, it can tend to look like a ten year old drew them. But I did my best.
For the coins, I actually used real coins (after bleaching, and soaking them in soapy water,) to press into my fondant to give the impression of coin. Then sprayed them in silver, and gold. And after they were dry, painted them with brown to give them a dirtier look. I found some plastic and cut it out to make the inside of the magnifying glass, which is the only bit not edible.
Sometimes I love doing things like this with cake. (In that, I mean using frosting to cover the cake, not fondant.) And then you can always use fondant to add some fun little details. It's just fun for a change. Plus, because it wasn't covered in fondant I used cream cheese buttercream, which is always extra tasty. Happy hunting!

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Leah Aston said...

Fun and themey - I thought this turned out well. I'm impressed you could even make yourself touch the coins, let alone use them as stamps. :)