Monday, December 26, 2011

Princess Castle Cake.

This is what dominated most of my week last week. This was for twins Hadley and Kennedy, both turning 4. They had a huge princess party, where Snow White even showed up for. So for such a big party you need a big cake right? I was shocked at how long the towers/ turrets took me to make. And on top of that, how much fondant it took to cover them. On top of that, this is definitely the most tricky cake I've ever had to transfer. I actually took it in pieces, and assembled most of it there. There is maybe a few little things I would have done differently, but in the end I was happy with how it turned out. Here's to hoping I don't have to do one of those for awhile. :)

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Leah Aston said...

That seriously is so amazing! It's breathtaking, well done!