Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boston Red Sox cake.

My brother in law, is, of course, a Red Sox fan. He lived in Boston for awhile, so naturally is a fan. I myself, have even been to Yawkey Way, and walked by the Green Monster. So when his birthday came up, I of course thought of doing something to do with the Sox.
Cutting out the little sox, and the big B, by hand was a bit of a pain. And could have looked better, I'm sure. But I did my best. I did really like the stitching detail I created, I thought it made it look much more real.
The one thing that bothered me with this cake is the bill. I formed it on top of my own Red Sox hat, but it didn't dry perfectly. And although it was the same color of fondant, it dried looking like a completely different color, I guess because it dried for four days longer.
Other than that, I thought it was fun cake, and I liked the little details.
Go Sox!

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