Monday, April 15, 2013

Brave themed Cake

This cake is themed after Disney's Brave. Which features Merida. (She's the one with all the curly red hair.)
 In the movie, Merida gives her mom a magic cake which changes her into a bear. They frequent this area with the stones quite a bit, and in the end she is able to turn her mom back into a human. My Reese  thinks it's very funny that the mom is naked, and it was her request that the mom be naked, (with the blanket covering her.) So I left out a little shoulder and a tiny bit of knee.
 Merida is very talented at archery, and so that is why we have the bullseye's with the arrows. Just thought I'd give you a close up of those.
 Here's a top view, it was a fun cake to make.
 By request, this cake was strawberry, with strawberry frosting, which was not so much because of the flavor, but that it would make the inside pink. Because I think it was just killing her that nothing on the outside was pink.

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