Friday, October 7, 2011

Here's the rest of what I've done so far.

This is part two, of catching up on posting all the cakes I have done thus far. There are a few missing, that I cannot seem to locate. It's fun looking back because you can see how I've progressed, although I still have plenty more progress to go. I hope you enjoy.
These were just for fun, for my daughter's preschool.

I loved this cake, (do I say that too much?) This was my first hand-painted cake. I had been wanting to try that for awhile, but you need the right cake to try it on, but now that I've figured it out I can use that technique for other cakes. Another first with this cake, is that it was my first carrot cake I have ever baked, I used Ina Garten's recipe, (with just a few adjustments of my own, but it was delish.

This picture is fuzzy, but I had to show off the cake anyway. You can't tell but the cab turned out so cute. This was yummy as well, from scratch lemon cake, with a marion berry filling in the middle, with lemon buttercream and of course marshmallow fondant.

I love this angry birds cake I made for my husband. The cake turned out super yummy as well. I used my favorite homemade double chocolate cake, but for the first time teamed it with my orange cream cheese dreamsicle frosting. The slingshot is modeling chocolate, birds and pigs are as well. The fort was made out of fudge covered cookies.

In the end I should have used more toothpicks to secure it. It was fine but I was so nervous about it. I think it's one of my favs.

I was sent a picture of this cake to duplicate, I was a little bit nervous about how technical it was, but in the end it turned out fun. I like the little crabs and life preservers. The ball is rice crispy, at first I had a hard time making it look smooth enough. But here's a tip : Cover generously in buttercream, then cover in a layer of fondant. Then do your finishing layer of fondant, so in total you have two layers of fondant. That makes for a much smoother object. P.S. Sand is graham cracker crumbs, I put some buttercream down first so it would have something to stick to and not be all over the place, it worked great!

Talk about your last minute cakes, I had only a few hours to make this, but overall I like this cake. The birthday girl had just received a cute little green bird of her very own. I was surprised though at how long it took me to cut out the details. For how little this cake is it took me longer than it should have. I guess I just have to keep practicing till I get fast.
This cake has a special story. It was for a sweet baby girl who would be two, but never made it that far. Hopefully it helped her family on what is definitely a sad birthday. Her mom was inspired by the pinkalicious books, she just wanted it to be pink, fun, and very girly.
They had two parties that day. One with a bunch of little girls, so I made up some cute cupcakes, I think they turned out cute, every girl loves a pink flowery cupcake.

I love this cake. I got a call saying I needed to make a fish cake, and I only had about a half a day to do it. Obviously this is not the most realistic fish, but so much more fun.
I love the colors, and I would definitely do this one again.

This was for my bro in law who loves rootbeer. I know kind of a stretch, but still a cute cake. I thought the "ice cream" scoops ended up looking pretty realistic. The cake inside is also a rootbeer cake, I think if I do it again I would add more rootbeer to it.
Just some fun patriotic cupcakes. These were done with and orange cream cheese frosting that was super yummy.
This was my toned down version of a patriotic cake. It was red velvet on the inside. So it was red, white, and blue. I want to try this one again with two levels of cake, because I think the ruffles are so pretty.

I had been wanting to do this cake for awhile, and my friend mentioned maybe her daughter would like a Strawberry Shortcake type cake, and wondered if it would be cute. I immediately said yes I can make that cute! And I think I did. I just love the colors, and the cute little details.
I don't love putting toys on cakes, I think in this case it was ok. Sometimes the figure you have is cuter than anything you could make with fondant, so you might as well use it. Did you notice that I finally figured out that the pictures don't look good with all my stuff in the background? I think it makes it look better.
Happy Caking everyone!

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